The Week in Writing (3/25/15)

As days pass, a pregnant woman’s belly grows wider.

As my days pass, the folder of notes and typed-out script scraps grows wider still. This has turned out to be a remarkably easy childbir–project. The characters conform neatly to my pen, and the plot offers only a gentle shrug before being corralled.

The official announcement will come from the publisher tomorrow. Until then, truthfully, all I’m playing is a waiting game.

Classics Illustrated 110_A Study in Scarlet

The fabulous podcast I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere interviewed me for an article/announcement that will be on their site in the near future, regarding an announcement of sorts regarding The Science of Detection. Which, if you’ve been keeping your ear off the ground, is a collection of Sherlock Holmes novellas. I’ll be editing it, and 18thWall Productions will be publishing.

While said IHSE is currently Bojaciuk-less, there’s more than enough there to enjoy for any Holmesian.

Until tomorrow, when my appointment goes from supposition to announcement.

Progress: 10k

A nearly finished script, and a nearly finished story to boot.